Urszula Broll

About artist

Born in Katowice, 1930; studied at the Katowice-branch of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków; obtained her degree in 1955; co-founder of the ST-53 Art Group (1953), participated in all of its exhibitions; associated with the neo-avant-garde movement and Galeria Krzywego Koła in Warsaw; co-founder and member of the Oneiron group from 1967; actively participated in the activities of Poland’s first Buddhist group in the 1970s; lives near Jelenia Góra where she moved in 1983. Her paintings radiate energy of intertwining forms and colours; her work covers watercolours evocative of Indian mandalas which she has been painting since the late 1960s, ink drawing and oil painting. The artist has created her own world filled with esoteric, magic, and the conviction of absolute unity and harmony of the world. Urszula Broll has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. The year 2005 marked the 50th anniversary of Broll’s artistic career. To commemorate the occasion BWA in Jelenia Góra and the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Katowice published an album devoted to her work which also accompanied solo exhibitions in Galeria Sztuki BWA Zamek Książ in Wałbrzych and Galeria Sztuki in Legnica, and also in Galeria Art NEW Media in Warsaw in 2006.


Urszula Broll


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