Jan Dziaczkowski

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Born in Warsaw, 1983; He died tragically on the 20th of September 2011 at Zawrat in the Tatras. He studied under Professor Krzysztof Wachowiak at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1999-2004); obtained a diploma in Painting and Poster Art in 2007; a painter, photographer and creator of collages, author of illustrations for music, social and cultural magazines, designer of book and CD covers. Recipient of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for his painting and photography project entitled Real and Imaginary American Stories (2009). He received an honorary mention from the Editorial Board of the Artluk quarterly magazine during the “Bielska Jesień 2007” Biennial of Painting organized by Galeria Bielska BWA in Bielsko-Biała. 2007 saw the release of his debut album Collage published by Korporacja Ha!art. He has designed illustrations for the magazines Machina, Architektura, A4, Ha!Art and Przekrój. He paints figurative, almost narrative, paintings whose main theme is journeys and different stories around the subject of travelling. His productions include cultural themes and contexts which have had special impact on him during his life. In his artistic creations he tries to focus on the concepts of happiness, freedom and beauty, which nowadays are often treated as embarrassing subjects.


Jan Dziaczkowski

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