Stanisław Gawron

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Born in 1919 and died in 2001 in Sosnowiec.  Visual artist, Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Grew up in a family of miners. In 1936 he became a student of the vocational Secondary School of Artisitic Industry in Sosnowiec. In the years 1943-1945 he and his friends from Marian Malina Secondary School, closed by the occupants, were participating in the underground courses. He was studying painting, drawing and graphic design under the supervision of outstanding teachers: Jerzy Fedkowicz, Zbigniew Pronaszko, Czesław Rzepiński, Andrzej Jurkiewicz, Konrad Strzednicki. In 1949 he became the assistant to Prof. Aleksander Rak in the Studio of Artistic Graphics and Drawing in the Katowice branch of the State School of Fine Arts in Wrocław (future Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow). He was teaching for over 40 years (1948-1989), his academic career dveloping from an assistant to professor and director of the Institute of Printmaking. He has educated the whole generations of painters and graphic designers. He took part in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He cooperated with the “Zagłębie” Group, Marian Malina, Wanda Zbyszewska and other artists. He worked in the area of painting, water-color painting, artistic graphic and mosaic. He was a lecturer in several art schools. In 1958 and 1996 he received the Artistic Award of the city of Sosnowiec, awarded by Sosnowiec City Council. His works can be found in Polish and foreign collections.


Stanisław Gawron


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