Dariusz Gierdal

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Born in Kożuchów, 1966; studied under the tutelage of Professor Jerzy Wroński at the Cieszyn Faculty of Art Education of Katowice’s University of Silesia (1987-92) where he obtained a diploma in Painting in 1993. An art teacher and art therapy instructor at Równica Sanatorium in the town of Ustroń. His central areas of interest in his creative activity are painting and drawing. He is the author of the first mural created in Bielsko-Biała entitled Primavera, which was painted on a wall in PCK Street on the initiative of Galeria Bielska BWA in 1998. He loves painting and the joy that painting brings into his life. He is the author of portraits and symbolic scenes reminiscent of early 20th Century French Art. In his reinterpretations of works of great masters such as Henry Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Henri Rousseau he is able to draw the viewer's attention to his most liked and valued paintings. He believes that the most important thing in a picture is not what it shows, but rather its emotional charge. He often speaks about his works, referring to them as "domestic" images as they tend to depict a very personal or even intimate sphere of his life. A resident artist at the North Wales School of Art and Design in Wrexham, UK (2008).


Dariusz Gierdal


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