Izabella Gustowska

About artist


Born in 1948 in Poznań. In the years 1967-1972 she studied in the State School of fine Arts in Poznań (now, the University of Arts in Poznań). Graduated in 1972 in the studio of Tadeusz Jackowski. In 1970-1978 she belonged to the group of artists from Ponań odNOWA. In the years 1979-1992 she was running Gallery ON in Poznań. Stipendiary of Prof. Emilio Vedova in Venice, Artistic Development Fund (twice), University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, San Zobi Foundation in Italy, Central Saint Martin's College of Art in London and Polish Ministry of Culture and Art (several times). In 1987 she represented Poland at the Biennial in São Paulo. Winner of many prestigious international biennials and triennials of graphics (Krakow, Bradford, Ljubljana, New Delhi, Fredrikstad) as well as competitions in drawing, painting, graphic design and even textile art.

At present, she works in her home university, in the Faculty of Multimedia Communication — the Institute of Performance and Multimedia, and in the higher School of Humanities and Journalism where she teaches graphics. She has the title of Professor. She lives and works in Poznań. She works in the area of various media, presenting her works, among others, at the exhibition “Kobieta o kobiecie” (Woman about woman) in Bielska Gallery BWA in 1996.