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Born in 1955 in Gdańsk, died on 19 August 2007 in Warsaw.  In 1985 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts where he studied under the supervision of Prof. Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz. In 1985-87, together with Mirosław Bałka nad Mirosław Filonik, he co-founded the „Neue Bieriemiennost" (New Awareness) artistic group. Right after his graduation Marek Kijewski created figurative sculptures, referring to the “New expression” trend. By the end of 1987 his interests shifted towards contemplation, mystic queries and abstractions. The artist gradually deprived his sculptures of the physical dimension, creating his works with light (fluorescent tubes, neon light). He also introduced colors with their symbolic meanings taken from the writings of orthodox theologian, Pavel Florensky. In the 90’s, the mass culture became the dominant motive in his works. The artist created amazing projects, surprising with merging diverse, most often sculptural materials, forms, motives and traditions, both, form high and popular culture. According to Ewa Gorządek, Marek Kijewski created very original, highly subjective and at the same time common dictionary of meanings that together represent the full of contradictions spirituality of post-modern age. He took part in many collective exhibitions and presentations of independent art movement, like: “Ekspresja lat 80” (Expression of the 80’s) in Sopot and “Co słychać” (What’s up) in Warsaw where he presented his spatial composition titled "Rozważania króla Zygmunta III na temat kobiety upadłej na duchu” (The Reflections of King Sigismund III about a Woman Who Has Fallen Low in Spirits)  Bielska Gallery BWA held the artist’s retrospective exhibition “Drżę więc cały, gdy mogę was ozłocić" (I’m all A-tremble When I Can Shower You With Gold) (15 May — 18 June 2009).



Czerwiec 2004

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