Barbara Konopka

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Born in Szczecin, 1965; graduated from the Higher School of Psychotronics in Łódź (1991-93); studied at the Department of Cinematography and Television of the L. Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in the city of Łódź (major in Television Production, 1994-98); completed a specialist course of study in Visual Communication and Television Production (2002). She is also a graduate of the Frederic Chopin State School of Music in Warsaw, where she received her instrumentalist musician diploma in 1989. She specializes in multimedia art. Participated in over 150 media art festivals, exhibitions and presentations in Europe. She has also written music for more than a dozen films about art. She is active in the following fields of art: concert performances, video performances, video projects, video installations, interactive installations, digital art photography, multimedia productions and documentary films. In her works, Barbara Konopka explores the issue of the transformation, to which the human body and identity are subjected in the face of the information revolution associated with the rapid development of computer and telecommunications technology. She is a mainstream figure in Polish cyber-feminist art. She considers it important to be able to experience real collaboration, interaction with the machine, to get to know its specific logic, its complex perceptual apparatus and methods of expression, which go beyond human capabilities and habits opening up new layers of reality. She pays a great deal of attention to analyses of the multifaceted phenomenon of media rich communications and telepresence. Currently, she is focused in her work on the electro-magnetic dimension of interaction between forms and artefacts.


Barbara Konopka

Plato. Man – Now This can be Treated, from the Malavida cycle

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