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Born in Cieszyn, 1976; studied at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (1999-2004), where he obtained a Diploma in Painting under Professor Stanisław Kortyka. He specializes in painting, drawing and computer graphics. In his work he tries to combine different traditions, including matter painting and hyper-realism. He juxtaposes two distinct realities: that which is linked to the nature of physical objects and the reality of human life. He is able to express his fascination with the "nature" of technology in the subject matter of his pictures, which allows him to achieve a deepened sense of illusion that attracts the attention of the viewer with realistically rendered details. Recipient of scholarships from the Millenium Prestige Bank (2004). Recipient of many awards and honorary mentions, including: the First Prize at the Second Polish National Biennial of Mural Paintings and Outdoor Sculptures in Mykanów (2002), the Second Prize in the competition "The Sacred in Art" in Wadowice (2003) and a prize in the Samsung Art Master Competition (2004). In 2004 he was also nominated for the Grand Prix in a competition organized by the President of the Republic of Poland to choose the best diploma in fine arts. In 2005 he received awards at the 6th Painting Biennial of Miniature Paintings in Toruń and the 5th Triennial of Contemporary Polish Drawings in Lubaczów as well as honorary mentions at the “Bielska Jesień 2005” Biennial. In 2006 he won the Grand Prix at the 4th International Biennial of Miniature Art in Częstochowa. In 2007 he received the Grand Prix at the First International Quadro-Art Biennial held in the city of Łódź, the Award of the Marshal of the Province of Podkarpackie during the Jesienne Konfrontacje Festival in Rzeszów and the Grand Prix at the Fourth National Biennial of Painting and Tapestry in Gdynia. In 2008 he received the Second Prize at the “Animals” Triennial of Painting in Chorzów, and a honorary mention in a competition organized by the Franciszka Eibisch Foundation (Warsaw). In 2010 he was nominated for the Grand Prix at the 23rd Festival of Polish Contemporary Painting in Szczecin.


Daniel Krysta

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