Maciej Linttner

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Born in 1966 in Wałcz. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, at the Faculty of Graphic Design in Katowice. Graduate from the Studio of Graphic Design led by Prof. Zbigniew Pieczykolan and the Studio of Painting led by Prof. Andrzej S. Kluska (1993). Stipendiary of the Marshall’s Office in Katowice (2002).
Winner of the Grand prix (1999) and distinctions (1996, 2001) during the cyclical exhibition “Work of the Year” organized by the Regional Office of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in Katowice. In 1999 he won 1st award at the exhibition “Works on Paper” organized in Warsaw under the patronage of the UNO. Winner of 2nd prize at the exhibition “Music in Painting” in the Gallery Obok in Tychy (2000 and 2002), distinction during 18. Festival of Contemporary Painting in Szczecin (2000), “Muse” award of the President of Bytom in the area of culture (2001).


Maciej Linttner

Still Water Logic

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