Marek Rogulski

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Born in 1967 in Gdańsk. In 1985-1990 he studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (now, Academy of Fine Arts) in Gdańsk, at the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Design. His first documented public activity dates back to 1983. In 1989, with Robert Kaja, Sławomir Góra and Sławomir Laskowski, he founded the artists group Pampers Maxi. A year later he established Ziemia-Mindel-Wurm group with Piotr Wyrzykowski. Multimedia artist, sculptor, painter, performer, video creator and photographer, musician, art theoretician. Co-founder of the recording studio TNS Records RXS. Founder of the Thousand Brightests Suns Foundation (Fundacja Tysiąca Najjaśniejszych Słońc) which he leads since 1992.


Marek Rogulski


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