Georgij Safronow

About artist


Painter born on 8 November 1947 in Moscow. He died on 2 October 2019 in Silesia. In 1976 he graduated from the Department of Graphic Design and Book Illustration at the MPI in Moscow. Resident in Poland since 1978. Member of the Association of Visual Artists. Holder of a scholarship granted by the Minister of Culture and Art. He actively participated in the artistic and cultural life of Silesia. He often took part in plein-air workshops in Poland and abroad.
In 1997, in the competition "Vidical 97", he received the first prize for the calendar for Radio Katowice, and in 2001, third prize in the photographic competition of Radio OK. He has travelled extensively around Europe, which has resulted in over 100 individual and 150 group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He practised easel painting, watercolour, drawing, satirical drawing, monotypes and photography.
Since 1999 he has run his own Author's Gallery in Katowice.