Ewa Skaper

About artist

Born in Olsztyn, 1954; studied at the National College of Visual Arts in Gdańsk; Degree in Painting under Professor Jerzy Zabłocki in 1980; winner of the Culture Grant of the City of Gdańsk (2012) and the Grant of the Marshal of the Province of Pomerania for Men and Women of Culture (2012); winner of the Grand Prix in the 30th International Salon ‘de Revin’ (France, 2002) and 2nd Award of The 41st Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień 2013". She deals with traditional painting and assemblage. She collects old objects, celluloid dolls and figurines, toys, game pieces and prints, or other superannuated objects which I use in my paintings and other works.


Ewa Skaper

Gloria in a Teddy Bear Factory

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