Joanna Stańko

About artist

Born in Łódź, 1950; studied under Professor Janusz Stanny at the Faculty of Graphic Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, from which she graduated in 1980; lives and works alternately in New York and Warsaw. In the 1980s she was associated with the Dziekanka Studio. During that period she created mainly works of installation and performance art. Since the early 1990s she has focused on painting and been able to develop her own recognizable style. She creates small geometric compositions filled with simple overlapping shapes. They are arranged in symmetrical systems of sophisticated combinations of pure, intense colours. Although her paintings are generally harmonious and serene they can be sometimes highly charged emotionally. The most recurring and recognizable theme in her paintings is a simplified presentation of flowers. Her individual style can best be described as characterized by a large dose of lyricism and the use of pastel colours along with anthropomorphized geometric forms.


Joanna Stańko


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