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Born in 1985 in Wola Burzecka; Degree in Spatial Painting under Professor Leon Tarasewicz (2015) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; grant from the Polish Society of Authors and Composers Support Fund (2014, 2016). Grand Prix and the Format Magazine Award at the 26th National Review of Young Painting PROMOTIONS 2016 in Legnica; artistic residency at the Artists Alliance Inc (AAI), The LES Studio Program in New York (USA, 2017).
Selected exhibitions: Enfant Terrible at the Art Gallery in Legnica (2017); Lucky Strike at Galeria Promocyjna in Warsaw (2017); Przypływ. Młoda polska sztuka współczesna  we Wrocławiu (Tidal Wave. Young Polish Modern Art) (2016); The Waiting Room. 48 Stunden Neukölln at Agora Rollberg in Berlin (Germany, 2016) and in Warsaw: LEKCJA (LESSON) at the Zachęta Project Room – the National Art Gallery “Zachęta”; and ŚwiatoObraz (WorldPainting) at Branicki Palace (2014).


Rua Golba

Children of the Secret State (a i b)

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