Jolanta Stachyra

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Born in 1968 in Milomłyn. She has been practicing art since early childhood. She taught herself how to draw and paint. Fascinated by paintings of great masters, from the Renaissance to the present, she creates her own intuitive art - sincere and somewhat naive, filled with personal attitude towards the world.
Her range of interests and means expression is very broad; she expresses herself through painting, drawing, writing poetry, writing children's stories with her own illustrations.
Passionate about music and singing, she has worked or 30 years as organist in a Roman Catholic Church.
She has exhibited her work in the community centre, in open public spaces and schools in Ostróda. Her exhibitions include: Beautiful women of Ostróda at the Cultural Centre "Zamek" (2014) and Seven Wonders of the World presented at Primary School No. 1 (2014); in the Salesian Secondary School (2012), in the main office of the Ostróda-Elbląg Shipping Company (2012) and at the open-air exhibition in the pedestrian zone on Lake Drwęcki  (2012).


Jolanta Stachyra

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