Well Mannered Schoolgirl

Type of object
acrylic, oil, canvas
130 x 98
Date of acquisition
12.12 2011
Catalogue no.


– 40. Biennale Malarstwa “Bielska Jesień 2011” [kat. wyst.], red. G. Cybulska, Galeria Bielska BWA; 2011, reprodukcja, s. 36
– “Format” nr 62/2012, /2012, reprod. s. 38
– „Art & Business” 12/2011, „Musimy przewietrzyć ten świat” – z Pawłem Jarodzkim rozmawia Paweł Drabarczyk, str. 102
– „Pełna Kultura” Bielski Magazyn Aktualności, grudzień 2011, okładka, s. 4, reprodukcja
– „Zalew kultury”, rybnicki magazyn kulturalno-społeczny, nr 75, luty 2013, 2013, 41. Biennale Malarstwa, s. 23
– kalendarz na lata 2016–2017, reprodukcja pracy, format A3, Galeria Bielska BWA, 2015 – folder „Pokaz 4.” (1). Kolekcja Sztuki Galerii Bielskiej BWA, Galeria Bielska BWA, (23.06-28.08.2016)
– „Relacje_Interpretacje” Kwartalnik ROK w Bielsku-Białej, Nr 3 (43), wrzesień 2016, wersja papierowa i internetowa), s. 26


2011 – 40. Biennale Malarstwa “Bielska Jesień 2011”, Galeria Bielska BWA
2016 – „Pokaz 4.” Kolekcja Sztuki Galerii Bielskiej BWA, Galeria Bielska BWA, (23.06–28.08.2016)
2020 – 2021– „Dla Johanne i Anny” – wystawa z Kolekcji Sztuki Galerii Bielskiej BWA, Willa Sixta, Bielsko-Biała (06.11.2020 – 31.12.2021)

Audio description

Auburn hair pinned up high in two pony tails obscures the face of a girl in a navy blue shirt with white polka dots. The figure is portrayed from her hips up. The light reflections on the white pleated skirt emphasize the arrangement of the folds. Olive-gray background. The left half of the painting is modelled by means of lilac mid-tones. The right side is painted luminous white. The auburn hair cover the girl’s face in its entirety. The hair bands are interspersed with hues of red and gold with distinct individual hairs. The pony tails, tied with white, translucent ribbons with gray dots, reach down to the chest. The unruly hair strands make her hair look rather messy. The buttoned blouse has a frilly collar. The girl's long-sleeved arms hang loosely down her sides. The wrists reach down to the bottom of the painting. The painting with its smooth colour application adheres to a realist convention. The unexpected obscuring of the face in an otherwise typical portrait gives the work a surreal, dreamlike character. It appears that the head is seen from the back with the rest of the body facing the viewer. The title is evocative of a shy, introverted girl who hides her inner self and yet fulfils all the expectations. The painting received an honourable mention at the 40th Painting Biennale ‘Bielska Jesień’ in 2011.