Light Object

Type of object
oil, canvas
120 x 100
Date of acquisition
05.07. 2013
Catalogue no.


– Art&Business”, Nr 11/2012 (262), s. 110
– folder „Pokaz 4.” (2). Kolekcja Sztuki Galerii Bielskiej BWA, Galeria Bielska BWA, (23.06-28.08.2016); reprodukcja pracy


2012 – „Samozapłon” 7. Wystawa Kuratorska „Bielskiej Jesieni”, Galeria Bielska BWA
2016 – „Pokaz 4.” Kolekcja Sztuki Galerii Bielskiej BWA, Galeria Bielska BWA, (23.06-28.08.2016)

Audio description

Above the centre, slightly to the left is a dense swarm of colourful, luminous dots, bursting and radiating out in irregular meanders and waves which fill more and more space of the matt black background. The sparkling pink, orange and yellow dots are interspersed with winding tongues of fire to form an irregular pulsating shape with rounded, fan-shaped edges. The dots, each painted with a single touch of the brush, create a rough texture. Those in the centre are the most prominent, and then the dots gradually lose their convexity, becoming flat towards the edges. This abstract, dynamic composition brings to mind the images of a cosmic abyss, stellar constellation, unbridled matter, crackling fireplace or fireworks lighting up the night sky. The colourful dots daubed on black form a light, airy shape like the diffuse light of a torch. The work created with overlapping dots alludes to Aboriginal painting.