When Milk Turns Sour

Type of object
oil, canvas
92,5 x 92,5
Date of acquisition
Catalogue no.


– Kat. wyst. „XXI Ogólnopolska Wystawa Malarstwa Bielska Jesień ’84”, BWA, Bielsko-Biała, s. 13
– Kat. wyst.: Bielska Jesień 1962–1987. Ogólnopolska Wystawa Malarstwa, wystawa laureatów, BWA, Bielsko-Biała, 1988, s. 49
– „Pełna Kultura. Bielski Magazyn Aktualności” nr wrzesień 2015, str. 11
– portal LOT Beskidy (dostęp 4.09.2015): http://www.visitbielsko.pl/prace-laureatow-bielskich-jesieni-w-kolekcji-sztuki-galerii-bielskiej-bwa...


1984 – XXI Ogólnopolska Wystawa Malarstwa Bielska Jesień ’84, BWA, Bielsko-Biała
1988 – Bielska Jesień 1962–1987. Ogólnopolska Wystawa Malarstwa, wystawa laureatów, BWA, Bielsko-Biała, 1988

Audio description

Above the grey blue from the top, and above the adjacent beveled sand-like brown that fills the bottom right corner of the painting, float organic bubbles of various shapes. Form the left, the colorful surfaces and bubbles are brightened by the light that enlivens their colors. The bubbles to the right are painted in darker tones. The bubbles in the upper part are transparent and blue, their shape turns from longitudinal, and horizontal to the right, to round to the left. One of the round bubbles, with its blue coloring, enters the sand-brown area, breaking the straight line of its horizon. Above it, the irregular, beige bubbles. On the right side, there are six elongated drops. Two smaller to the left and one flat, wider, pink-beige shaped like a rose petal. It hovers right by the bottom edge, over the sand-like area, casting a shadow on it from the right. The bottom edge of the drop is slightly blurred. On its surface, to the right, there is a shadow of the beige drop touching it form the above. The shadow around both drops turns into a dark pink stain. The inside of the beige drop is lightened up by a ray of light. The painting was created in the magic realism style. The works of Teresa Sztwiertnia present the seemingly ordinary world which, however, is not normal. Contrasting light, sets of mysterious objects and unfamiliar forms produce a strange tensions. The paintings surprise with mystery, a mixture of realism and fantasy. The painting received the Gold Medal and the Minister of Culture and Art award at the 21st "Bielska Jesień’84" National Painting Exhibition in 1984, organized by the Artistic Exhibitions Bureau in Bielsko-Biała (now Bielska Gallery BWA).