Eliza Danowska

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Born in 1979; studied at the Painting Faculty of Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts between 2002 and 2007; received her degree in painting (supervised by Prof. Leon Tarasewicz) in 2007 and in wall techniques (Prof. Edward Tarkowski’s studio). In 2003 she won the 2nd prize at a drawing contest held by her Painting Faculty. Commended by the editors of Sztuka.pl at the 39th Painting Biennial Bielska Jesień 2009. The main subjects of her artistic experiments are landscapes, animals and feminine motifs. Her art verges on the fantastic, oniric, subconscious and kitsch. She penetrates the secrets of subconsciousness, imagination and memory by trying to capture them using folk-art symbols, myths and archetypes. At the same time, she gives these images a universal dimension by setting the scenes in a landscape. By doing this, she perceives the beauty of the surrounding world and of the products of human mind. Employing the conventions of naive painting, Eliza Danowska’s works explode with colour and vitality.


Eliza Danowska


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