Artur Przebindowski

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Born In Chrzanów, 1967; graduate of the Secondary School of Arts in Bielsko-Biała and the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków; Degree under Prof Roman Banaszewski in 1993. Created graphic designs for a number of publishing houses in the ‘90s; winner of the Grand Prize at the painting competition Shower – the Birth of Pleasure in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, 1998; winner of the Grand Prize at the 23rd Festival of Polish Contemporary in Szczecin, 2010. He has exhibited his work regularly in Poland and abroad since 1995. His painting is characterized by a well-thought-out mathematic construction, multidimensional structure, permeation and complementation of perspectives and planes. Visually attractive parts of urban spaces become for the artist a pretext for the creation of coherent and autonomous sets of visual signs whose impact becomes reinforced through multiplication and compositional treatment. Another important characteristic of his painting is its sensitivity to the sensual quality of the work, i.e. the taste of the colours, the matter of light, the wealth of means of visual expression.


Artur Przebindowski

Megalopois XXVI

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