Marek Rachwalik

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Born in 1986 in Częstochowa; Degree with Distinction in Painting under Professor Ireneusz Walczak (2012) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice;
3rd Prize at the 3rd National Triennale "Limitations of Drawing" at the Municipal Gallery ZSP in Rzeszów (2012). Honourable distinction at the10th Festival of High Art  "Joined by Heat" at the Szombierka Heat and Power Station in Bytom (2009). He came 22nd at the Young Art Compass Ranking (2016). Finalist of competitions, including: Tide. Young Polish Contemporary Art at the Art Main Station Gallery in the Central Railway Station in Wrocław (2016); the 4th Contemporary Painting Triennale “Jesienne Konfrontacje” Rzeszów 2016 at Galeria BWA in Rzeszów; 2nd Festival “Ale Sztuka! Młode Polskie Malarstwo w Kolonii Artystów” – Dolne Miasto, Gdańsk (2016); 2nd Leon WyczółkowskiNational Painting Competition at the Municipal Gallery BWA in Bydgoszcz (2016); 23rd National Review of Young Painting PROMOTIONS at the Art Gallery in Legnica (2013).  
Selected solo exhibitions: Toxic Relationships (with Maciej Cholewa) at Galeria Jedna Druga in Szczecin (2017); Agricultural Cavalry Marek at Galeria Kuratorium in Warsaw (2016) and at Galeria + Ronda Sztuki in Katowice: Panzer Division Marek (2016) and Zoom (with Barbara Bigosińska (2011).


Marek Rachwalik

Logo and the Moustachioed Leader of a Cult Death Metal Band Reactivated After 20 Years

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